Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things that make me happy....

SO there are times in my life when I am less than happy and I have always wanted to write down or record the things in life that make me happy so I have a place to go and remember when I need it. so... here goes

1.listening to fun music can pretty much always make me change my perspective. If only I could somehow go straight to it when I am in a bad mood...
2. getting outside and being active. either taking a walk by myself or playing a group sport. something that takes my mind away from whatever is upsetting me.
3. a funny/ feel good movie.
4. this is bad BUT something sweet to eat. this is probably the root of my unhappiness to begin
with but it does somehow for some reason make me feel better. I want to get away from this.
5. a busy schedule. even tho at the time I will complain and say I dont want to do whatever it is that i have to do but keeping things going and having obligations that I have to fulfill makes me quickly get over whatever it is (and sometimes its unexplainable and for no reason unhappiness)
6. going to the beach. something about the air and the sand and the sound of the ocean really helps me relax

Its hard for me because when I am in a bad mood or depressed I dont want to do any of these things. except maybe number 4 and that is bad bc me being over weight is what fuels the fire for depression. I dont have it alot. but when I am in that state its hard to pull through. I always manage to shake it off but not as fast as I would like to. so hopefully the next time I feel like crap I will come here and read this list and do something to get rid of the bad feelings faster.

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  1. Jenni I totally know how you feel and wow just reading this, makes me think thats exactly how I feel sometimes. I use to eat when I was bored or just eat cause everyone else was. I still have a bad habit of eating at night =( I wish I could just say I am over weight, but I also have the stretch muscles in the front that lets all my extra hang out. I hate it, I get depressed too and its so hard to get out of bad habits. But I am learning its all about mind set. How you see yourself in the end. Its too bad, we didn't hang out when we did live at mayport, think we would have been great friends.