Monday, February 8, 2010

Through their eyes...

This morning I awoke to the sound of a blaring beep at 6am. I quickly hit the snooze button and rolled over and then realized that I must get up and shower before our early morning doctor's appointment. I had to take my 2 oldest for two separate things before school. They begrudgingly rolled out of bed and got dressed. Their spirits quickly awakened and they became their usually happy, bubbly selves in no time. They were pretty well behaved during the appointment but loosing their patience with the entire situation by the time we went to stand and wait for our number to be called to get the many prescriptions the Navy pediatrician thought we needed. I tried to entertain them by mimicking the "robot" voice that called out "now serving B301 at window number 3" They all three cracked up laughing when I blurted out "now serving Santa Claus at window number 5" as we were laughing and carrying on an elderly man sitting across from us watching with a grin on his face says "boy you really have a hard time coming to YOU in a few years" I laughed and said what I always say when a comment like this comes my way "I bet your right. I am holding on to the time I have with them now at this age. I am in denial, they will never be teenagers". this got the usual response of a big smug "just you wait" kinda smile. Then his number was called and as he walked away I said "have a great day!" and he smiled and replied "good luck to you miss". I cant count how many times I have been approached by sweet caring older people warning me of this black doom that is coming my way with 3 teenage girls. I have to admit it scares me a little. I know these people are speaking from experience. They usually go on to tell me about how many girls they had and how close in age they were when they were teenagers. They comment on how pretty mine are and how I'd better be careful. When I look at them I can see myself saying the same thing to a young mother years from now as she sits with her children. When I look into their eyes I see a longing for yesterdays. Even tho they are telling me to beware of what is to come, their eyes are saying enjoy it. They sit and watch my 3 and all of their wild laughter and foolishness and say "you really have your hands full" but what they are saying is "my hands feel empty". After that Gentleman left another elderly couple came and sat by us and asked me if I was going to "try for that boy" another comment I get very often. I told them that we are done. Then I made a joke about how my husband got a vasectomy soon after finding out that our third was a girl. That always gets a good laugh. I want to somehow try to remember all the faces and smiles from the people who look at my family and can some how see into our future of drama, boys, rebellion and piercings and hold in my heart the way their eyes light up when they talk about their own children and way they felt raising them. I know that my future is probably painted with all kinds of crazy teenage years with me wanting for it to all be over so I can one day be where they are. I just want to hold on to every moment good or bad and just be grateful having had the experience.

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  1. Hi Jen, Its Jeni (Christa's mom) I so know what you mean. Reading your post, I thought I get the same EXACT response from older people. But like you, I can see myself also saying that to a young mom and your right they are probably just wishing they could go back to those years, no matter how crazy it was. I get "look how pretty and beautiful eyes on Alexa" All the time and if its a man, its watch out momma, their gonna be heart breakers. Some look at Jeremy when were out all together and say so whens the boy coming along?..he just grins and says nope I got fixed and wanna enjoy my girls. I think your the only other mom I know that has 3 girls like us on base. But we have 5 when were in MO. Its always CRAZY then and you wouldn't imagine what comments we Anyhow, I tell people that I want to enjoy them as much as I can now.